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Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a broad term to describe how one keeps one’s mouth clean.  It includes brushing and cleaning between the teeth as well as keeping the oral cavity free of disease and other problems.  Read on to find out the most common ways of keeping the inside of the mouth clean and disease free.


Most guidelines suggest brushing the teeth at least twice a day.  Brushing after you get up in the morning and again before bed on a regular basis helps to prevent the buildup of plaque, germs and other harmful substances.  This in turn will help to decrease the likelihood of decay and cavities and helps to keep the gums healthy as well.


Plaque can build up between the teeth and at the gumline in places a tooth brush cannot reach.  Interdental cleaning (or cleaning between the teeth) removes up to 50% more plaque than brushing alone.  There are many tools available to aide with this, but one of the most effective is the use of floss.

Cleaning the Tongue

In some cultures, cleaning of the tongue goes back centuries.  Recently, this has gained a lot of attention in western dentistry and health care and it is worth a mention here.  Simply using a tongue cleaner daily can offer benefits such as: clearing toxins from the tongue, removes food particles, enhances taste, and helps to decrease halitosis or bad breath. Some experts believe the tongue can give a clear picture of your overall health.


Your oral health can be a sign post about your overall wellbeing. Gingivitis, or the inflammation of the gums, can lead to cardiovascular problems involving your heart and circulatory system as well as just about any system in your body. 

Good oral hygiene is important in this regard.  If you do not have a regular dental healthcare provider, it is important that you find one that can help you treat, or better yet, prevent this condition from forming.  Also, of importance is good oral hygiene as described above.  Making oral care apart of your daily routines is of greatest importance.

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