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5 Tips for Choosing Toothpaste

To most consumers, toothpaste is toothpaste.  True, many are made from pretty much the same ingredients, there are still some things that are different.  Following are some things to keep in mind when purchasing toothpaste.

  1.  Cleaning Agents or Abrasion Ingredient

Most toothpastes should have 40% or more abrasive content.  These little bits scrub the teeth while brushing to remove plaque.  Calculus, or plaque that has hardened, is one of the main reasons for development of cavities and decay, so this is a vital ingredient.  Most of the time, the amount of this ingredient is not listed on the packaging, but it can be listed on some.

  •  Fluoride

This is certainly the most important active ingredient to look when trying to prevent cavities. This ingredient helps your teeth keep the minerals they need to stay strong and prevent decay.  Fluoride can also help to protect the enamel and bones that make up the teeth and jaw bone as well.  Naturally occurring in plants and some natural water sources, it has been added to municipal water supplies as well.

Experts state that it costs less than half a dollar per person to add this to the water but can save an average of approximately $40.00 per person in dental expense. While many people protest the idea of chemicals being added to the water supply, in this case it has proved beneficial to many people in the US.

  • American Dental Association Approved

This usually applies to toothpastes that have fluoride as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA).  This should be clearly posted on the box if applicable.  If you have problems finding this certification, you can run an online search to find if that particular brand of toothpaste is ADA approved.

  • Whitening Toothpaste

These toothpastes can contain a lot of more abrasive ingredients than normal toothpaste.  This can have some bad and untoward side affects when used too often or improperly.  Damage to the tooth enamel is possible and this can cause an increase in the patient being more sensitive to hot or cold liquids and can cause pain.  It would be wise to talk with your dental healthcare provider before using this type of toothpaste.

  • Imposters

In 2007, toothpaste made in China was flagged by the FDA because it may have contained a poisonous chemical used as an ingredient in antifreeze.  There were other toothpaste products also from other countries with potentially harmful ingredients.  So, be sure to do your homework before buying toothpaste and make sure it is safe to use.


There are many more tips regarding toothpaste to help you chose the best brand.  In the market today, you can choose from a wide variety of pastes with just as many options.  There are different flavors, different colors, and even different functions. 

There is toothpaste who’s intended result is to freshen breath, prevent decay, whiten and prevent build up in plaque.  In reality, all toothpastes serve the same purpose, to clean your teeth.  However, if you take the five tips listed above and apply them to your needs, you can choose just about any past to do the job.  A lot of it is up to the consumer’s preference and the dental health care provider which is best.

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